Change is Gonna Come

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Can you feel it?! Change is coming and I pray it happens in my lifetime. I heard this song, Change is Gonna Come by Sam Cook at Mr. Floyd’s funeral broadcast on television. I had always loved that song, but now I know the words to mean something vitally important. Change must come.

My father was the most prejudice man you’d never want to meet. He was so full of hate and tried to instill that in his children. He failed. I chose a different path. And because I made up my own mind, I opened my heart to long and lasting friendships.

One of my oldest, dearest friends is black. She’s always been there for me and I for her. When my mother died she came to her funeral. She was the only black person attending. When her husband died, I went to his funeral. I was the only white person there. But it wasn’t about color. It was about respect.

Imagine the friendships I would have missed had I been racist like my father. Don’t get me wrong, everyone has some type of prejudice in them. It’s human nature. But you can choose to fight those tendencies.

Because, my friends, change must come!

#blacklivesmatter #LGBTQlivesmatter #respectmatters