Romance – Intrigue

Aidan & Vicky Six Book Series

Back where it all began. Aidan & Vicky, book one was the very first book I published and it was just too much fun writing about the tough, cigar smoking veteran who was suffering from amnesia.

NOTE: This was my first book and series, and I could not afford an editor at the time.

From Book 1: Aidan didn’t need, nor want, anyone’s help. She’d been in this situation before, against more than one opponent. Just as in the game of poker, emotions dictated actions. Her emotions were just this side of suicidal. She reared back her fist, watching his reaction to her hand, and kneed him right in his junk. He went down like a rock. 

“Son of a bitch!” someone shouted. 

“No, actually,” she picked up her cigar again and clinched it between her teeth, “I’m the daughter of a bastard.”