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The virus can cause other problems you probably never thought of. I’m what you would call a fat diabetic and had to work from home during the coronavirus crisis. Last week I went for my annual check up and was very upset to learn that my diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol numbers were significantly higher than they should be. Why? Because coronavirus forced me to work from home.

I can’t cook to save my soul and when I do cook I just toss it in the skillet and fry it up. I am Southern after all. It only took six weeks to completely screw up my numbers.

Part of the problem was going to the grocery store where I was so agitated that I rush through the aisles grabbing whatever was an easy fix and got me out of there the fastest. Another words, TV dinners.

My solution, at least I hope it will be a solution, is to go back on NutriSystems. I’m not being paid to say this (I wish) but I have used them before (they have a great diabetic plan) and got my diabetes under control to the point that it was almost gone. Then I got laid off from work and of course, had to eat my own cooking again. That was years ago and I was doing great… until…

So, as I sit here choking back my pills, please remember these possible unforeseen repercussions and protect yourself.

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