Distractions, I’ve had a Few

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So you’d think it would be great to work from home? Not with all the distractions I’ve been having.

Distraction #1: Burnt toast. Well, at least I know my smoke detector doesn’t need new batteries. 😜

Distraction #2: Rinsing twice. Got distracted and forgot to put fabric softener in my wash machine. And then, when I put the softener in and reset it to rinse again the damn machine went to spin cycle first. Ugh!

Distraction #3: My cat. She’s 18 years old (that’s 126 to you and me), and very demanding. I must immediately stop whatever I’m doing and attend to her needs or she meows at the top of her lungs, which trust me, is very loud. She sounds like someone stepped on her tail. She’s deaf from old age so she can’t tell how loud she’s being, but I’ll bet the neighbors can.

Distraction #4: X-Box. It’s only a couple feet away and it calls to me. Play me, play me! And then the recliner joins in, Come put your feet up.

Distraction #5: Mice. No, not the rodent kind. I’ve got a mouse for my work laptop and a mouse for my home computer and I swear I think they move around on their own just to confuse me.

Distraction #6: This blog. Had to jot this down ASAP before I forget it.


  1. I find it very easy to get distracted at home. I can put food on and decide that I could quickly need to mop up. Now that I am also homeschooling my son I’ve had to put a system in place. I start my morning earlier than usual and have had to set so many alarms giving each item to complete a designated time frame. Thank you for sharing your own personal distractions as this is something I completely understand.

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