So What Are You Doing to Stay Busy?

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Forced to stay home to stay healthy, you’d think I’d be in a writing frenzy, and truth be told, I am writing more, but the longer I have to stay inside, the more I want to go out. And I’m not an outdoorsy type of person.

I’m writing a novel about opposites attracting and of course someone dies in it, very dramatic. An unforeseen bonus is that it requires all my focus.

I’m also currently watching a marathon of Star Trek Discovery, good show, by the way, and then of course there’s always video games to distract me, not to mention my deaf cat who meows at the top of her lungs.

One thing I do a lot of is reading. I read to learn, to experience, to escape. Mostly to escape.

What I’m trying very hard not to do is sit in front of the television and watch the news about how many people died today from the virus. It’s become to much.

Hope you are finding ways to keep busy. Stay home, stay active, and stay well.

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