Next Marathon?

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What to watch next? I finished watching both seasons of Star Trek Discovery, which I enjoyed very much, but then I’m a Trekkie from the very first show. Or is it Trekker? Before that I watched Lost in Space on Netflix. Another good show. I love Sci-fi, but I’m ready for something more down to earth (get it, ha!).

Rizzoli & Isles is a go-to favorite, especially for the bond between the two lead characters. I followed Sasha Alexander over from NCIS, but I fell in love with Angie Harmon. *wowsa*

Even before the virus I would have Madame Secretary marathons because it provided a political calming effect in the storm of reality.

Maybe I’ll re-watch The Last Ship with Eric Dane and Adam Baldwin. I loved the patriotism of the show, but I hated that they killed off a main character once or twice a season. Besides, it’s about a deadly virus that kills millions of people… nope, never mind, hits to close to home.

Batwoman is a fun one to re-watch, but it only has one season so far. I need a long marathon to distract me.

So, what are you watching?

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