One Writer’s Dirty Little Secrets

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Disclaimer: Strictly my style of writing and should not be construed as every writer’s methods.

I’m a method writer, in that I visualize, act out, or talk like the character I’m writing about. Example- when I developed Aidan’s character in my Aidan and Vicky series, I envisioned her wearing gray boxer briefs, so I bought a pair, well, several pairs actually, and wore them while I wrote about her so I could feel her courage and strength. Whatever works, right? BTW, really comfy underwear!

Then there’s things like the death scene of a beloved character in Generations of Women Warriors: Battle of Amiens: The Great War. I played the song, Will the Circle Be Unbroken, by Muse, over and over again, and I cried like a baby while I wrote it. And now, I cry again, every time I read it, or play that song. I’m misting up now, just thinking about it.

And in the book See No Evil, which is a story about a Park Ranger in the Grand Canyon, I stood beside my character, overlooking one of the Seven Wonders of the World. I had toured the canyon a few years ago, with my best friend, Joyce, and had a glorious 20 minutes of complete solitude on the rim. That’s how I saw my character, on the rim, completely alone, with the wind tossing her hair as she breathed in the fresh air. Magnificent!

And of course, there are other, juicier secrets I could tell you, but I’d better save those for another blog.

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