Procrastination, Thy Name is Writer

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I’d be a very rich author right now if I could just sit down at the laptop and write without procrastinating. Funny thing, I was spurred to write this blog post while reading about procrastinating on Facebook. And if you take it a step further, I’m still procrastinating by writing this blog. It’s a vicious cycle.

Later that same day- I had a brilliant idea on a chapter I’m writing, but I just bought a new video game, and… two days later and I still haven’t put my idea down on paper. I did, however, finish playing the new video game. Is that an accomplishment?

I don’t know how other writer’s do it, but my motivation is bribery and trickery. I write first thing in the morning, and we’re talking 3am in the morning, before the day gets started. I buy nuke-able breakfast so I don’t have to cook, and I eat them in bed while I write. During the day, I make a deal with myself- write a thousand words and then I can go play my game or watch television, etc. (Yes, I am a grown adult.) The unexplained part of all this is that I absolutely love to write.

And don’t think I don’t know that you’re procrastinating by reading my blog. *grin*

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