Active Shooter

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Something very bad happened on Wednesday, Sept. 28. A man walked into a hospital patient’s room and shot another man point blank in front of a nurse and a patient. What evil possessed him to think that was okay? Not only are the two witnesses traumatize, the entire hospital staff are as well.

Something very good came out of the bad: I watched on the news how the hospital staff refused to leave their patients. How two delicate surgeries were going on and the doctors and surgical staff refused to leave. The patients would have died if they had. They are heroes in my book.

The shooter wasn’t derange or anything like that. According to the news, he knew the patient and the man he shot. The victim was targeted. It was premediated. Again, my question is why in the hell do it in a hospital? A hospital is there to heal people. To care for patients and help them get back to their lives. The staff are trained for an active shooter; RUN, HIDE, FIGHT. And by fight, I mean, kick, scratch, scream, throw something at them. But nurses don’t carry guns, nor should they. The hospital doesn’t wand visitors coming in to see their loved ones. Nor should they.

If something like this happens in your area, help those people affected by it. Post that you support them and are praying for them. It goes a long way toward healing.