Haters Gonna Hate

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Several weeks ago I ran an ad promoting my latest book and got a few less than flattering responses from antigay homophobes. Uneducated bully’s who hide behind the internet and think themselves brave.

It’s those same inadequacies that convince a young person to pick up his automatic and gun down children. Or shooting an elected official (Japan) just because you don’t agree with their politics. Does that make them brave? Hardly. That shows just how much of a coward they really are, giving in to their inner demons instead of seeking counseling.

As a gay Christian who believes in a loving God, this kind of pure evil is inconceivable to me, and yet, it seems like there’s a mass shooting once a week here in America.

You may kill me for being gay, but you won’t win. My Lord will take me to heaven, your lord will take you to hell. Have fun with that.

If you or your friends have the idea that that’s the way to get recognition, please seek help. There’s so much more you can do in life than to be shot dead for mass murder or be imprisoned for the rest of your days, and that’s before you wind up in hell.

If you really want to show how brave you are text BRAVE to 741741. It’s the Crisis Text Line and someone there can help you.

In the immortal words of Melissa Etheridge, who you gonna gun down when you can’t kill the truth?