Thank You!

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I work in a hospital. I’m non-clinical, but what I do supports those on the front line. It’s not enough! A “thank you” for risking your life IS NOT ENOUGH! It wasn’t enough when the service men and women put their life on the line and it’s not enough now for the healthcare heroes.

There’s nothing we can do that would ever be enough, but still, we must continue to show our support in any way we can. Not just to the nurses and doctors, but the respiratory techs, transporters, housekeeping, and food services.

One way to help stop the virus is to stay at home and I hope everyone knows that by now. Another way is to share the heroes stories instead of the death toll. Find what’s positive in life and share it.

Repeat after me… WE WILL BEAT CORONAVIRUS! WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS TOGETHER (6 ft. apart, of course)!


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