Tough vs. Soft

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Any one who reads my books knows that I’m a woman who likes women. I like to visualize what my characters look like and how they act as I write them and sometimes I use a celebrity’s looks and mannerisms because they mirror what I envision for my characters.

For example, Ruby Rose, in the new Batwoman TV show, intrigues me. Her Batwoman is tough and tattooed and has a lot of angst, yet she can kick ass with the best of them.

My favorite characters to write are the strong, tough woman who melts at the sight of the soft, sensitive, intelligent woman. And the gentle yet confident woman who finds a strong woman’s courage appealing.

I guess you would say that I could lean either way. *grin* Now, please don’t put a label on me. Seeing (and enjoying) characters from both sides of the coin is a must for any writer.

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