Out of Left Field

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Just released! Out of Left Field is a stand-alone sequel to Better the Devil You Don’t Know. It mentions a few things from the serial killer series, but you can enjoy this book without having read the series.

Special Agent Bobbie Vandyke was being sent on a well-deserved vacation to San Francisco; her reward for making the biggest bust of her career. However, a stranger choosing to sit beside her caused it to become a working vacation before her flight even gained altitude over Dallas. A cyber hunting pedophile, a religious fanatic, a cold blooded killer? Was it all one person? It would take Bobbie on a journey into her own past to find the answers.

Keeley Ann Daly was hurting. She needed to find the person responsible for her pain. She would do whatever it took to complete her mission of revenge. Heaven help anyone who got in the way of that.

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