My Writer’s Cave

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You’ve heard of the “man cave”, right? Well I have a “writer’s cave”. It got down in the 20’s the other night, and right now it’s 32 degrees. To keep my electricity bill low and still be able to write, I make a writer’s cave out of the bed. It’s nice and toasty warm under a throw blanket, with my laptop, my morning coffee (aka Diet Mtn Dew), cell phone, and my nosy cat.

With the time change and that supposed extra hour of sleep, I’m still up at the crack of dawn, writing. It’s quiet, unhurried, and very productive. I can write a thousand words inside of an hour, then get up and start my day. And if it’s the weekend, hell, with microwave breakfasts and a quick jaunt to the bathroom, I’m good for three or four hours of writing.

Who says you have to have an office, or even a desk to be able to write. I have both (tax break), but that doesn’t mean I have to write at my desk in the mornings when it’s freezing ass cold out there.

I’m a writer willing to make those sacrifices because I write to live and live to write.

#amwriting #amfreezing

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