Weather I’m Writing…

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Remember when summer ended when school started back? Here in the South, the kids are back in school, but the temps are still in the 90’s and the humidity in triple digits. As the wicked witch of the west said, “I’m melting. What a world, what a world.” (Wizard of Oz)

Weather has a lot to do with my writing. I don’t write much in the summer for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which is it’s too damn hot. Even sitting in an air conditioned room with an oscillating fan, I can still feel the humidity suffocating me.

I love to write in the fall or spring when the windows are open and a cool breeze wafts through the room. Birds chirp to say they want included in my novel, while my old cat darts around like a kitten again and the neighbor dogs bark to entice me to come outside and play.

Weather plays a huge part in our moods and creativity. I visualize everything I write, so using reverse psychology, I will write about winter during the heat of summer and vice versa. Helps with the electric bill, too. 😉


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