The Price of a Good Book Part 2

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Some indie authors do charge more, not because they’re trying to be the next New York Times best selling author, but because promoting your books can get very expensive and they charge more to cover those expenses.

There are a bazillion indie authors out there, most of them on Amazon, which is my preferred sales platform, so if you want your book to be seen, you’ve got to promote it. And of course, the effective promotions cost money.

I have a blog, you’re reading it now, *wink*, plus my website,, and Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I occasionally advertise on Facebook and once on Twitter, both with debatable results.

What I try to do is set a small, and by small I mean tiny, minuscule, budget for each new book released. Personally, I don’t make enough money to have a large budget for promotion after I pay for this blog, my website, my editor and buy pictures for the book cover, but I’ll find $20 dollars to put toward ads on Google, Bing or Facebook and hope for a sale.

It’s hard to make money when you have to spend money to make it. But, I have confidence that if you could just find my books, you would enjoy them. That’s why writers have blogs, websites and social media pages. We’re waving our hands at you screaming- PICK ME! PICK ME!

Cover photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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