Too Damn Hot Sale!

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It’s to hot to do much outdoors right now under this oppressive heat, so why not shelter under the air conditioner with an iced tea and a cool book to read… and of course, I just happen to have three books to distract you during the heat wave. On sale July 20 – 23.

From Riches to Rags, Book 1 – A bad-girl billionaire, accepts the ultimate challenge from a waitress, and gives up all her money, expensive toys, liquor, and women, to live in a run-down building, working at a barbeque restaurant. She only has to last thirty days, and suppress her growing feelings for the waitress. Just thirty days, but to a billionaire, that’s a lifetime. This is a multi-first-person point of view novel.

Blog photo by Tanishq Tiwari on Unsplash

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