What to Do During a Winter Storm… Read a Good Book or 5!

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Now, while it’s snowing and sleeting and raining ice, would be a good time to read a COVID-19 mystery involving a hospital. Check it out.

Cecilia Lou Bellamy (Celie) is a young, upstart CEO of a Level III Trauma Center, determined to make a name for herself without her father’s influence or help.

Dr. Geraldine Jones, (Jerri), Chief Medical Officer, was the first person Celie would need to win over. Twenty years her senior, Jerri is skeptical of such a young, inexperienced CEO.

But Celie faces an even harder uphill battle against a homophobic ER director, a deadly pandemic, and cryptic messages left in her office meant to embarrass her in front of her staff. Messages that began to escalate to the point that the FBI was brought in.

Jacqueline Ramsey, Celie’s best friend, suddenly needs an emergency surgery, and Celie’s father decides to send a highly trained nurse to care for her, without Celie’s knowledge. A highly qualified nurse that had once been in a deep relationship with Celie which had not ended well.

In her first few months at the hospital a patient’s husband walked into her office and tried to kill her, a freshly dissected rodent was left on her desk to get her attention, and the hospital was running out of supplies even as the COVID-19 patients increased. Was Celie up to the challenge? She wasn’t so sure. Buy the series!