The Fire Inside

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Adley had finally managed to escape the long reach of her stepfather, a ruthless, abusive man. But that was not enough. She had a plan to put an end to the danger he represented. She had escaped before and he had found her. That could not happen this time. This time either she would kill him or he would kill her.

Valerie had completed her training and was now officially an ATF agent. Now that she had been assigned a permanent posting, she felt the need to prove her worth as much to the agency as to herself. The only way to do that was to work an important case and bring the perpetrators to justice. Then she landed a case so mysterious and fraught with danger that she knew it would jump-start her career.

A small case of animal shooting plus a minor car accident wasn’t much to start with, but small things sometimes bring large changes, including falling in love. Buy it now!

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