Extreme Conditions

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Writing during a thunder storm is a scary business. Not because of what you’re writing, but because if you live in tornado alley, like I do, you’re just waiting for the siren to sound the alarm telling you that you need to grab the cat and run for the closet.

The most extreme condition that I ever had to write under was when the plumber spent all morning putting up new tiles in the bathtub. The bathroom was five steps from my home office living room and it was nerve-racking because I was writing a sex scene. I was terrified that he would look at me and just know where my mind was at.

But it gets worse. Trying to write while the plumber is working on the bathroom and you have to pee. Now that’s extreme.

Being an author is not as glamorous as one might think. But, whatever it takes for the readers, right? *grin*

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