Let’s Get Serious

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October is cancer awareness month. Yes, I know we’re all aware of cancer. But what if you broke it down to your home state, to your city, to your family, and to you?

I live in the small state of Arkansas with a little over 3 million people. The Arkansas Cancer Society broke it down for me- in Arkansas an estimated 16,500 new cases will be diagnosed in 2019, with an estimated death toll of 6,800. That’s just in Arkansas and that’s just for 2019! The really depressing part is that a lot of those deaths could have been prevented with early detection.

So ladies, get those beautiful boobies squished, and gentlemen, get your man-parts examined, and let’s bring the statistics down!

Look up your state’s statistics at https://cancerstatisticscenter.cancer.org

Cover image by Teyssier Gwenaelle from Pixabay 

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