Start Your BBQs aka Happy Labor Day!

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In America, Labor Day is less about celebrating the laboring class and more about improving the perfect barbecue over a three day weekend. I don’t BBQ, so to me, the thought of grilling over a hot fire for hours in 90 degree weather is very laborious. But of course, I enjoy the end results. Eating hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, etc., seared to perfection is a “labor” of love.

I get Labor Day off and I’m grateful, but I always take a moment to think about the doctors, nurses, and clinical staff who have to work. The police, EMTs, firefighters, and military out there protecting us. Thank you for laboring for our well being.

As for my Labor Day weekend, I will be celebrating the extra day off by working on my novel, happy that I don’t have to get out of bed until noon. Oh, and then there’s all that laundry to do, floors to vacuum, and cat litter to empty. HAPPY LABOR DAY!

HISTORY – The first Monday of September was set aside as a federal holiday in 1894 to celebrate the work of the trade and labor organizations. Another words, the poor soul who worked 16 hours a day because the boss man said so, was given a holiday to essentially thank him for his labor. Of course, there’s more to that story if you want to read about the history of the Labor Day holiday.


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