Gnats Got to Hurt

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Do you know what happen’s when your cat coughs up a fur-ball while you’re at work? Gnats. It’s the heart of summer in the south and those damn pesky gnats are buzzing around my laptop as I type this. They’re so annoying that I am forced to punch the monitor and squish their guts all over the glass. There is a certain satisfaction in ending the frustration, but there always seem to be another gnat to take its place.

I sometimes wonder if gnats are God’s punishment for… well, pick a sin, any sin. May it’s a clever way to get me to repent because I generally need to after nearly cracking my monitor.

What’s the moral of this story, you ask? Sorry. There’s not one. I just hate gnats!


Cover photo by Mairsile in a fit of gnat annoying rage!

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