Didn’t See that Coming

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I wrote a series about serial killers which did incredibly well, and my latest release, Didn’t See that Coming is a stand-alone sequel to the first series book, Better the Devil You Don’t Know.

In this book, Casey and Celine take sensual measures to catch a stalker that is both fun and provocative, as much for the reader as it was for me to write.

Casey Dennis, Chief of Security at Angelstone Women’s and Children’s Center, and her lover, Celine Aponte, Director of Behavioral Health at the Center, have just returned from Texas. Both were involved in the FBI task force that took down the largest serial killing family known to law enforcement. Now they are expecting to settle into business as usual.

Celine is glad to return to her normal activities, which is exactly what she needs after her Texas ordeal. Casey, on the other hand, is missing the adrenaline rush she gets when on the hunt for the bad guys. Working with her friend, Special Agent Bobbie Vandyke, reminded her of her years working for the Dallas Police Department as an officer and then a detective. She knows she must make a decision soon about her future. But for now, it will be going back to building a finely tuned and efficient security unit at the hospital. Still, her need for the hunt was strong.

It quickly becomes a case of be careful what you wish when someone from Casey’s past is brought into the ER, bringing with her murder, mayhem and jealousy.

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  1. Just finished reading this book… Loves it! ( left review on Amazon) I really like Casey & Celine and the way there characters evolve in this new story. Keep up the good work and I have my fingers crossed that maybe we will see more from them in the future.🤗🤞🏼

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