I Remember You Available for Free!

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Read the first book in the series and you’ll be hooked. Free until October 27!

Aidan didn’t need, nor want, anyone’s help. She’d been in this situation before, against more than one opponent. Just as in the game of poker, emotions dictated actions. Her emotions were just this side of suicidal. She reared back her fist, watching his reaction to her hand, and kneed him right in his junk. He went down like a rock.

“Son of a bitch!” someone shouted.

“No, actually,” she picked up her cigar again and clinched it between her teeth, “I’m the daughter of a bastard.”

Aidan is tough, self-assured and suffering from amnesia. The only person who knows her heart, Vicky, can’t tell her that they were childhood lovers, even when Vicky is asked to hire her.

Vicky is the CEO of a multi‒million dollar health system, being targeted by terrorists. Will Aidan get her memories back in time to stop the bombs before they destroy Vicky’s hospital? Will Vicky choose the hospital over Aidan’s life?